dinsdag 7 juni 2016

Quintessens osmosis treatment.

Finally after 7 months the laminate seems to be dry enough.
Almost everywhere under 10% on the moisture meter ! Almost as dry as above the waterline.

So she`s going inside with her bigger sister a Contessa 38.

A good sanding and then two layers of thin epoxy for filling the tnyest pinholes after peeling off the gelcoat and some laminate.

Ready for a few layers of 280gr glass.
Hull still shining with the first 2 layers Epoxy.

Always better with some help !


Laminating the first layer.

Sanding between the layers.
I recommend a closed suit, but when its 28 degree outside its less hot this way.

Sanding the waterline..

So first layer is finaly done.

Second layer..
Found myself a new method for laminating alone : ducttape !! This works great and gives more precision for placing the glass.

Two layers of laminate, some filler and ready for the last layers of epoxy-cuppercoat !

D.I.Y. Cuppercoat : 2 parts cupperpowder 1 part epoxy.


Looks and feels like molten chocolate !

A bit strange this red-brown antifaul color.

First layer of cuppercoat is ready.
Dreaming of sailing already...

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