maandag 25 januari 2016

Time for some serious overhaul.

There have always been some little blisters.

With the last survey some more than usual so time to act!
There was a recommendation to remove the gelcoat because most blisters where just below and in the gelcoat (as seen in this picture) With a low to moderate moist laminate she was the ideal candidate for gelcoat removal.

So after a day`s work she was proffesionally stripped in November. I was very pleased with the almost flat result. I had to sand off the waterline section for a more flat result en remove the last blisters.

Only rest to wash out the laminate with the high-pressure and the steam-cleaner every 3 weeks. When the underwater laminate surface is as dry  as above the waterline she is dry enough for applying a few layers epoxy laminate with 4 layers 280gr2 fiberglass ending with a few layers of cupper-epoxy coating.

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