maandag 22 juni 2015

Tv aboard ? Yes/NO

More Luxury : a new tv !

But wait!! , this is not just a tv..this is a lightweight economic energy efficient 19" Led smart tv.(1,9amps)
The hearth is a very compact MK808B Plus Amlogic M805 Quad Core Android 4.4 OS Mini TV Dongle witch is in fact a modern smartphone connected to the 19" monitor. It acts the main computer witch connect all the antennas,keyboards,mouse,gps,ais, external harddisk and other usb devices.
*Android 4.4 allowes to run all the modern apps available in the Playstore
Its loaded with Navionics Boating Europe HD, Grib Viewer,  To turn it to a full screen 19"(!!) chartplotter.
For ultimate WiFi reception when berthed, we added an Alfa Network Tube-U G 1000mW outdoor long-range wireless Wlan adapter. No needs for visiting the shore for downloading the latest gribs and e-mails.

Watching dvd`s or HD films from disk, watching digital Tv, Fullscreen AIS-Gps plotter, WiFi Acces point, games and apps !

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