maandag 6 oktober 2014

Last weekend ?

Maybe last weekend this autumn ?

Maybe. Last Saturday : max :22 °C min. 12 °C . Wind : East 3/5 Bft. And sunny !
Again we sailed with nr.3 Not so fast but great for cruising with the family.

04 Okt-12:00 Little late but on our way !
Nice breeze.

Destination : Numansdorp.

After a few ours sailing we arrived this little Dutch village.

Great place for the kids.

Sunday 05 okt: 17 °C min. 11 °C Wind :2/4 bft ,North. Destination : Tiengemeten (Ile)

After a few hours sailing, it was playing time for the kids.

Tiengemeten is an island in the Haringvliet estuary in the Dutch Rhine-Maas Delta.

It has a special kids parc !

And after a few ours in the mud, time to leave and sailed home with a whopping 2,5 knots SOG !

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