maandag 22 september 2014

Family Cruisin' version 2.0

Nice weekend cruising with the family !

Friday  19th September 20:30 Departure to Hellevoetsluis. Wind : NNW-5 knots
Friday  19th September 21:30 Arrival  at Hellevoetsluis 

Saturday 20th September  Wind : N-10-12 knots.
Sunny with some clouds.

Today we had a blast ! Great day sailing with friends and family.

Sunday 21th some more wind 17-33 knots.. not ideal for family cruising.  No problem with a Contessa 32 .

Just add a Jibe nr.3 and main for a smooth ride home going downwind.

Click for HD Fullscreen on the logo.

After a while the wind picked up and gave us wings whem going upwind, the kids had a blast inside when Quintessens danced on the waves.

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