dinsdag 7 juni 2016

Quintessens osmosis treatment.

Finally after 7 months the laminate seems to be dry enough.
Almost everywhere under 10% on the moisture meter ! Almost as dry as above the waterline.

So she`s going inside with her bigger sister a Contessa 38.

A good sanding and then two layers of thin epoxy for filling the tnyest pinholes after peeling off the gelcoat and some laminate.

Ready for a few layers of 280gr glass.
Hull still shining with the first 2 layers Epoxy.

Always better with some help !


Laminating the first layer.

Sanding between the layers.
I recommend a closed suit, but when its 28 degree outside its less hot this way.

Sanding the waterline..

So first layer is finaly done.

Second layer..
Found myself a new method for laminating alone : ducttape !! This works great and gives more precision for placing the glass.

Two layers of laminate, some filler and ready for the last layers of epoxy-cuppercoat !

D.I.Y. Cuppercoat : 2 parts cupperpowder 1 part epoxy.


Looks and feels like molten chocolate !

A bit strange this red-brown antifaul color.

First layer of cuppercoat is ready.
Dreaming of sailing already...

maandag 25 januari 2016

Time for some serious overhaul.

There have always been some little blisters.

With the last survey some more than usual so time to act!
There was a recommendation to remove the gelcoat because most blisters where just below and in the gelcoat (as seen in this picture) With a low to moderate moist laminate she was the ideal candidate for gelcoat removal.

So after a day`s work she was proffesionally stripped in November. I was very pleased with the almost flat result. I had to sand off the waterline section for a more flat result en remove the last blisters.

Only rest to wash out the laminate with the high-pressure and the steam-cleaner every 3 weeks. When the underwater laminate surface is as dry  as above the waterline she is dry enough for applying a few layers epoxy laminate with 4 layers 280gr2 fiberglass ending with a few layers of cupper-epoxy coating.

dinsdag 29 september 2015


Survey last week..

And last weekend great sailing weather!

Sun,16-20 knots wind:

Those 40feet yachts behind us did have a hard time catching up.
With a superclean hull and no.1 she was flying !

6kts sog : average over 13,6 miles
Sometimes +7 knots !
Good hullspeed..

maandag 17 augustus 2015

Little trip with family

After 2 weeks in France, we still had 4 days left for some family cruisin` !

Also tested the new "smart plotter" wich worked great.
We departed at thursday evening with some daylicht left till sundown..

Easy does it with the Yankee sail.

Next morning we wake up in "de Put"  Great little harbour.

on our way on the Grevelingen..

@ brouwersdam. /Teletubbie hills